Swift Glass Expands Wafer Analysis Capabilities with Multi-Surface Profiler

Glass wafers have a variety of applications throughout the electronics, computer, and biotechnical manufacturing fields. During production, the ability to make precise measurements ensures that wafers fit the necessary specifications for their intended purpose. A Multi-Surface Profiler (MSP) machine supports high-precision metrology in the production of glass wafers for industrial purposes.

With the addition of the Tropel® FlatMaster® MSP-300 Machine to our operations, Swift Glass is now able to provide high-speed, incredibly precise metrology for 300 mm glass wafers.

Wafer Measurement Capabilities

The Tropel® FlatMaster® MSP-300 is a high-frequency stepping interferometer that gives our team new capabilities. Using this MSP machine, our technicians can collect over 3 million data points with accurate measurements at the submicron level—all in a matter of seconds. Wafer thickness and flatness characterizations across the wafer’s entire surface can be measured with high precision.

Capabilities at Swift Glass

With the Tropel® FlatMaster® MSP-300 bolstering our fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, the team at Swift Glass has added important capabilities to our arsenal of advanced services. In addition to interferometrics and other glass wafer services, our capabilities include:

  • CNC machining
  • Surface lapping
  • Glass drilling
  • Thermal glass tempering
  • Waterjet and glass cutting
  • Chemical glass strengthening
  • Surface polishing
  • Edge polishing and grinding

The addition of the Tropel® FlatMaster® MSP-300 demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and our willingness to invest in the latest glass fabrication practices, ensuring we produce custom glass wafers that meet the specifications of our clients.

Contact Swift Glass to learn how our new capabilities can support your next project. Learn more about our expanded wafer analysis capabilities in our guide below.

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