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stadium in lights 3D rendering.

How to Manufacture High-Quality LED Lighting

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Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) produce light through a semiconductor. Semiconductors create visible light when a current causes electrons to transfer between one atom to an atom missing an electron. Light photons illuminate the LED as energy is released. The lights illuminate everything from automobile dashboards to athletic stadiums and can carry short-range optical signals for remote […]

Male worker hands in glows on solar panel, technician installing solar panels

Glass for Solar Applications

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When choosing a solar panel, people often consider elements such as the solar PV panel’s power and overall efficiency. However, they may not consider how the type of solar panel glass influences performance. The glass also plays a key role in protecting the panel’s photovoltaic cells against environmental factors.  It’s important not to overlook solar […]

soda lime glass

Unique Applications for Soda Lime Glass

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Soda lime glass is characterized by the greenish tinge from which it gets its name. It is a cost-effective, clear float glass that’s simple to fabricate and makes up approximately 90% of produced glass. Manufacturers can produce soda lime glass by floating the material over molten tin where it softens and forms into glass sheets. […]

Glass Parallelism Calculation Diagram

Understanding Glass Parallelism

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Parallelism as a parameter plays a crucial role in glass fabrication. As it pertains to glass, the back and front planes of a glass part would achieve parallelism if the space between the planes remained the same so that they run alongside each other but never touch. However, parallelism in actuality is not perfectly possible […]

What is Ultrasonic Machining?

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Ultrasonic machining, also called ultrasonic drilling, is a subtractive fabrication process that uses high-frequency vibrations and abrasive particles to remove small amounts of material from a workpiece’s surface. It is ideal for glass fabrication operations, as it removes surface material very slowly without compromising the substrate’s crystalline structure. This allows fabricators to create highly accurate […]

glass carrier wafers

Why Use Glass Carrier Wafers?

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Swift Glass is a global leader in glass part fabrication with nearly 100 years of experience. We use an extensive selection of fabrication techniques to provide expertly crafted custom glass products. In addition to services such as chemical glass strengthening, thermal glass tempering, and drilling, we also fabricate glass carrier wafers for various technical applications.  […]

glass machining parts

CNC Machining vs. Ultrasonic Machining

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Over the past century, Swift Glass has established a reputation as a leading fabricator of precision glass products. As a pioneer in the glass industry, we have remained relevant and competitive by keeping abreast of the latest in glass machining technology. Our cutting-edge capabilities include precision glass computer numerical control (CNC) machining services and ultrasonic […]

glass wafer fabrication

What is Glass Wafer Fabrication?

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Glass wafers are thin, circular precision glass pieces, typically made from quartz, borosilicate glass, or fused silica. They are a necessary component for a variety of common electronics, such as electronic screen and display assemblies, and see use throughout a variety of industrial applications as well. Swift Glass has nearly 100 years of experience delivering […]

scattering diagram

6 Key Behaviors of Light on Glass

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Light has different properties that affect how we visualize objects. When waves encounter various barriers and mediums, like water, steel, or glass, they behave in different ways. Here, the team at Swift Glass shares the unique behaviors of light on glass.  Properties of Light Light is a form of energy and part of a wider […]

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