Borofloat Glass for the Lighting Industry

As an industry leader in creating glass products for a range of industries such as the lighting, optical, and manufacturing industries, Swift Glass is proud to fabricate and produce solutions of unparalleled quality for a variety of applications.

Nike Boro discFor the lighting industry, for example, we create Borofloat® discs with holes. These parts are 9 in. in diameter and .109 in. thin. These are typically created in 50-unit production runs.

Raw material is then circle cut to the desired size. The parts are then put through an edge grind process as well as a pencil grind process to smooth and polish out the edges.

The hole in the center of the disc is then created with a waterjet, which cuts it to the desired tolerance. The edges of the hole are then chamfered to remove any sharpness and to improve the quality of the final product.

Each disc is loaded into the washers, cleaned, and then unloaded, after which they are tempered in a horizontal oven for added strength and thermal shock resistance.

Each piece is cleaned, submitted to multiple rounds of quality inspection, and when approved, packed for shipment to the customer.

Borofloat® discs created by Swift Glass are used by companies in the lighting industry for various applications. They are used in showrooms such as Nike’s to create special decorative lighting for special events, as well as by the hotel and hospitality industry for pure lighting for public areas.

These Borofloat® discs are capable of accentuating the light provided by bulbs for clean, bright light, as well as for decorative purposes. These products are considered high end by our customers, who prefer our discs and lighting covers over cheaper LED products for the quality and longevity of glass.

To find out how Swift Glass can create the exact glass product for your lighting applications, contact us today.

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