Clean Room for Optics Applications

Clean Room for Optics ApplicationsIn the average working environment, there are more particulates than most people may realize. While these contaminants pose no issue for most industrial operations, certain applications—such as the manufacturing of sensitive components or scientific research—require stricter environmental control. For these purposes, clean rooms provide a solution.

Clean rooms—also known as cleanrooms—offer controlled environments that minimize the amount of contamination parts are exposed to. These enclosed spaces are designed to reduce airborne and surface particles and monitor and stabilize environmental conditions, such as liquid levels and static electricity.

At Swift Glass, we have added a new clean room to our facility to enhance our production operations of high-quality custom glass parts for sensitive applications.

Our Clean Room Specifications

Our recent investment in an ISO Class 7—also known as Class 10,000—clean room facilitates our continued production of clean, high-quality glass components.

To maintain this high level of cleanliness throughout the production process, we ensure that all containers that bring glass into the room are made of plastic or stainless steel. The use of these materials over cardboard, paper, or wood, protects both the glass and the clean room from damage or contamination. We also employ an ultrasonic bath to remove microscopic traces of contaminants from the glass components before they are packaged and shipped.

Optical Applications and Clean Room Capabilities

For sensitive operations, such as optical and microelectronic component manufacturing, clean rooms are increasingly serving as standard necessities in the production process. They allow manufacturers to meet clean requirements for assembly and packaging, intended to ensure the quality of the product.

At Swift Glass, our fully-equipped facility allows us to deliver optics and microelectronics components that are ready to use directly out of the package. To accomplish the necessary level of cleanliness for these industries, we have added an ultrasonic bath system to remove existing contaminants on the glass part down to the microscopic level. This multi-stage bath produces frequencies ranging from 45 to 107 hertz. Each ultrasonic bath stage is individually controlled, and as the glass part progresses through the system, it experiences a deeper, more thorough cleaning. Once the glass pieces are fully cleaned, the controlled environment of the clean room enables us to package them in their pristine condition. This allows our customers the ability to place the glass component directly into their system without requiring a second cleaning upon arrival at their manufacturing facility.

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By adding an ISO Class 7 clean room to our facility, we have expanded our capabilities to now also offer a full range of intense cleaning and packaging services. We can deliver ultra clean custom glass components to our hi-tech customers that can be installed safely right out of the package. For more information on our clean room (or other) capabilities, contact us today.

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