Quartz is extremely pure and therefore has high working and melting temperatures.

Quartz/Fused SilicaQuartz glass is used for its high chemical purity, high-temperature resistance, and precise dimensional tolerances. It has many desirable properties including high heat resistance, light transparency, chemical stability and electrical insulation. Its optical and thermal properties make it superior to those of other glass materials due to its purity. Quartz and fused silica are ideal for semiconductor fabrication and laboratory equipment.


Our fused silica’s cross-linked, 3D structure delivers exceptional thermal shock resistance, UV transparency and near-zero thermal expansion.

We also supply industrial fused silica, a commercial grade of fused silica used in many sight glass applications, as well as UV-fused silica, which can be selected for a low content of inclusions and/or a high refractive index homogeneity if required.


Swift Glass supplies several types of quartz material, including:

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