Float Glass

Sheets of float glass promise uniform thickness and extremely flat surfaces.

sheet-of-float-glassFloat glass is commonly the go-to material for windows and display glass. Our customers rely on Swift Glass’s near-century of experience to supply high quality float glass in a range of sizes, thicknesses and brands.

Float glass is known for its high light transmission, optical clarity and ability to be fabricated into heat-treated and ceramic decorated glass. In addition to windows and display glass, float glass is ideal for appliances, furniture, tabletops, atriums and more.

Swift Glass offers several different types of float glass that serve a variety of applications. Our float glass materials include:

  • Corning® 7980: Corning® 7980 is a very pure, non-crystalline silica glass. It features very low thermal expansion and excellent optical qualities, including very high transmission in the UV spectrum.
  • Diamant: SGG Diamant transmits up to 92% of visible light, depending on thickness and is a high quality clear float glass with exceptional clarity and high light transmission.
  • Optiwhite™: Optiwhite is a low-iron extra clear float glass with very high light transmission. It is practically colorless, and the green cast inherent to other glasses is not present. It is ideal for use where glass edges are visible or where a neutral colour is desired. As its light transmission is higher than clear float glass, it is perfect for applications where transparency and purity of color are desired.
  • Bronze and Gray Glass: Bronze and gray glass is suitable for applications where reduced light transmission and solar heat gain are required — while maintaining color to enhance aesthetics and design.

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