Custom Glass for Oil, Gas & Mining Applications

Custom Glass for Oil, Gas & Mining Applications

Applications in oil, gas, and mining are subject to harsh environments that require robust, specialized glass solutions to optimize equipment performance, maintenance, safety, process visibility, and system lifespan. Tempered glass is ideal for the extreme conditions of oil, gas, and mining applications, offering increased durability and thermal resistance compared to other glass options. In addition, tempered glass breaks into non-harmful blunt pieces or a powdery substance to prevent injury from glass shards.

Learn more about Swift Glass’s tempered glass solutions for oil, gas, and mining applications, which include glass well plugs and sight glasses.

Custom Glass Fabricated to Withstand the Toughest Conditions

Tempering is a heat-strengthening process that makes the glass up to four times stronger than traditional annealed glass. When broken, tempered glass forms small, blunt pieces instead of dangerous shards. Swift Glass has over 100 years of experience as a custom glass fabrication company. We deliver high-performance glass solutions for demanding oil, gas, and mining environments using three main types of tempered glass:

  • Normal tempered glass with a pebble rounded break pattern
  • Extra tempered glass
  • Extreme tempered glass that turns to near powder when broken

Tempered glass from Swift Glass offers the following benefits:

  • Improved durability and strength: Tempered glass can withstand vibrations, impacts, and high pressures, conditions common in oil, gas, and mining applications.
  • Increased safety: When tempered glass shatters, it breaks into tiny blunt fragments to reduce the risk of injury. Broken tempered glass is also easier and safer to clean up.
  • Superior thermal resistance: Tempered glass offers reliable performance in extreme temperature conditions and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Sight Glass Solutions: Glass & Well Plugs

The Swift Glass plug production process allows us to create well frac plugs that offer the versatility necessary to shorten time to production and eliminate interventions in angular tubing situations. Sight glasses are transparent window or tube components in a piece of equipment designed to give users clear visibility into a container. They are critical in optimizing safety and visibility in oil and gas processing applications, as sight glass must resist corrosive chemicals and high pressures. Depending on customers’ specific needs, the team at Swift Glass can fabricate custom sight glasses resistant to these factors using soda lime glass or Schott BOROFLOAT® glass.

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The Swift Glass Advantage

When you partner with Swift Glass, we offer high-quality glass solutions customized to your specific application. Our capabilities include thermal glass tempering and chemical strengthening to deliver the ideal glass for your application. All tempered glass products undergo a rigorous testing procedure to ensure they comply with GANA, DSR, and GASP standards.

Swift Glass maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system and ITAR registration. We also meet MIL-Spec, ASTM, and international standards for our customers in the military, optics, and other highly regulated sectors.

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Swift Glass specializes in creating custom glass well plugs and sight glass for oil, gas, and mining applications. In these settings, tempered glass offers improved durability, safety, and resistance to temperature fluctuations, chemicals, and high pressures. Depending on the type of temper, it breaks into tiny, blunt fragments or powder when under extreme stress and reduces the need for maintenance and downtime compared to standard annealed glass.

Swift Glass’s tempering processes produce reliable sight glass components that perform optimally even when exposed to extreme pressure and temperature fluctuations. Contact us or request a quote to speak with an expert about your custom glass needs.

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