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Swift Glass’s ISO Class 7, (Class 10,000,) Clean Room & Ultrasonic Bath

Clean rooms are controlled environments used to minimize contamination in sensitive applications, such as manufacturing processes and scientific research facilities. These structures are designed to reduce the amount of airborne and surface particulates, as well as to monitor and stabilize environmental parameters—e.g., temperature, humidity, static electricity, and pressure—within the contained space.

Clean Room & Ultrasonic Bath Specifications

At Swift Glass, we continue to enhance our fabrication options to expand the variety of glass part requirements needed by you, our customer. Specifically, we recently added an ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) clean room and an ultrasonic bath for glass cleaning purposes. In applications where exacting specifications are required, such as those required for the optics industry, our ISO Class 7 clean room follows strict protocols to prevent contamination. All containers coming into the clean room environment are made of plastic or stainless steel to prevent exposure to particles or fibers from materials like cardboard, tissues, paper towels or notebook paper. The ISO Class 7 Clean Room also requires our staff at Swift Glass to follow gowning procedures, including wearing frocks, beard covers, and hair covers.

Applications and Ultrasonic Bath Capabilities

Ultrasonic bath cleaning materials are used for deep cleaning glass and removing imperceptible impurities. Once the glass is meticulously cleaned, we package the product and send it to the customer, employing measures to prevent contamination during transport. The practices that we employ during our in-house cleaning and packaging operations offer a significant advantage to our customers. Instead of having to do secondary cleanings once the product is delivered, the product is ready to be put directly into the customer’s system.

Thoroughly cleaning glass requires the cleaning operation to reach beyond the surface into the material’s minuscule pores. To accomplish this level of clean, our ultrasonic bath produces between 45 and 107 hertz enabling a deep, thorough cleaning of glass material as large as 18 inches by 14 inches.

Our glass cleaning ultrasonic bath has four stages. Each stage is automated in the ultrasonic bath system, which reduces the amount of manual glass handling. These stages include:

  • Stage 1: This stage does the most aggressive cleaning. The bath is set to 45 Hertz and contains cleaning agents.
  • Stage 2: The bath increases in frequency and uses a reduced level of cleaning materials.
  • Stage 3: This stage has the highest frequency and contains deionized water to polish away the finest impurities.

After the three cleaning stages of the ultrasonic bath, the glass pieces move into the drying stage to remove remaining moisture. After the four stages are complete, the glass pieces are packaged for transport and delivery to the client. Because these cleaning and drying processes take place within the controlled environment of our clean room, the end user can be assured that the glass coming from our facility will meet their rigorous cleanliness standards.


Swift Glass is a global leader in the fabrication of quality glass parts. We have recently expanded our capabilities to offer customers the convenience of manufacturing, cleaning, and packaging services all to be performed under one roof. With our ISO Level 7, Class 10,000 clean room, ultrasonic bath, and meticulous packaging operations, we can now clean and package our precision glass parts, allowing us to deliver a product to our customers that is ready for immediate use.

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