Surface Lapping & Polishing

Swift Glass specializes Surface Lapping and Polishing services that deliver results for any job requirement.

Our facilities utilize both computer-controlled and manual based machinery, which gives us the ability to complete both high and low volume projects.

Surface Lapping and PolishingIn today’s fast paced, deadline based environment, your application deserves to have a team of expert technicians dedicated to ensure that your job is delivered with precise specifications.


Single-Sided Polishing vs. Double-Sided Polishing

Achieving precise parallelism and a high flatness on glass substrates is extremely important for any application. For small components, single-sided polishing techniques are best suited to accomplish this task. We employ double-sided polishing services for precision optical parts such as: wafers, mirrors and windows.

In addition to both polishing techniques, we have the ability to apply anti-reflective and surface mirror coating solutions.

Borofloat® Fabricator You Can Trust

When you think of borosilicate, you think of the internationally recognized brand, Borofloat®.   This substance is incredibly durable, able to resist harsh chemicals, and withstand harsh thermal environments. Although built tough, Borofloat® can be customized and shaped to fit any need.  We are proud to stock this remarkable brand as well as other well-crafted components such as:

  • Pyrex®
  • Vycor®
  • Color Filters
  • Optical Glass

Download a free copy of our educational guide on how to choose the right sight glass for your next optical application here.

Industries We Serve

From large-scale production contract services, to short run, prototypes, we offer our services to a wide variety of sectors. Industries we provide solutions for include:

  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Building
  • Optical
  • Energy
  • Biomedical
  • Marine
  • Lighting
  • Industrial
  • Petrochemical
  • Semiconductor
  • Military/Government

With over 80 years in the custom glass fabrication business, we’ve learned a thing or two about customer service. One of the most important values we live by is to accommodate our customers’ missions and objectives. If you are a project manager, designer, engineer or craftsman, our staff is available to make sure your goals and expectations are met.

We invite you to contact Swift Glass today for further information about these or any of our other expert services.

Click on the table below to learn about our specifications.

Surface Lapping & Polishing Specifications

General Capabilities Contract
Industry Focus Aerospace/Aviation
Intended Application Optical Equipment
Polishing Processes Double Sided
Single Sided
Lapping Process Fixed Abrasive
Loose Abrasive
Materials Borofloat®
Color Filters
Optical Glass
Polishing Operation Computer Controlled
Parallelism ± .0005 in
Production Volume Min
1 units
Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
High Volume
File Formats AutoCAD (DWG,DWZ)
BMP - Bit Mapped Graphics
DXF - Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
IGES - Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, ANSI file format.
JPG or JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
MasterCam (MDX, MC8, MC9, SET)
PDF - Portable Document Format
STEP - Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format

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