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Excellence in Glass Fabrication and Market Adaptation

For nearly a century, Swift Glass has focused on high-quality custom glass fabrication. Our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with quality glass products has served as our company’s foundation for almost 100 years and will continue to serve as one of our guiding principles for years to come.

Although we continually abide by the same principles by which our company was founded, we are also constantly adapting our production capabilities to suit the evolving needs of our customers. This endless expansion allows us to continue to serve them in an ever-changing marketplace.

As a nod to our continued innovation and growth and a reflection of how far we’ve come as a company, we’ve developed a new company logo. We are excited to reveal our updated company logo because, although our commitment to quality and excellence remains the same, we have evolved as a company.

Adapting With the Needs of Our Clients

In 1881, we were founded as the Swift Lubricator Company. At the time, rather than glass, our primary product offering was lubricant for steam engines.

After World War II (during which time Swift Lubricator was contracted to build products for tanks and airplanes), America was a different place with different needs. Our company recognized the opportunity to adapt and began to focus on glass fabrication. The Swift team paid close attention to this rapidly growing industry and stayed on top of trends and demands, acquiring new capabilities to meet the needs of a new client base.

Since then, with our high-quality, expert-driven glass fabrication solutions, we’ve satisfied countless customers and built numerous ongoing business relationships. From contract manufacturers to original equipment manufacturers, professionals across a broad range of industries rely on Swift Glass to provide premium glass products tailored to their unique needs.

Swift Glass’s Exciting New Facility Updates

At Swift Glass, we’re guided by what our customers need. By listening to their needs through the years, we have quadrupled the original size of our factory and added new machinery as necessary. This year alone, we added a clean room, a 4-stage ultrasonic bath and expanded our wafer analysis capabilities.

Our ISO Class 7 clean room allows us to produce cleaner and higher quality glass components for use in a wide range of industries. We transport the glass in plastic or stainless steel, which both protects the glass from dirt and damage and helps us maintain the sterility of the clean room. When the finished product arrives at your facility, it does not require additional sterilization operations and can be used directly out of the package, saving you time and money. The new clean room allows us to offer a more comprehensive selection of cleaning and packaging services.

The addition of a Tropel® FlatMaster® MSP-300 to our facility greatly expanded our testing and measurement capabilities. Our technicians use the machine to measure glass wafers at the submicron level in a few seconds, allowing us to check for a high degree of precision in wafer thickness and flatness. By attaining more precise measurements, our team can further improve the quality of our glass products.

With these latest facility updates, we strive to expand our glass fabrication capabilities to better serve customers in a broader range of industries, including biomedical, appliance, aerospace, optical, and more. We’re always looking for new ways to serve our customers and deliver the highest-quality glass solutions, and our new company logo is a reflection of that commitment.

To learn more about our facility updates and expanded capabilities, check out our Company Overview video. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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