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Swift Glass stocks a wide range of glass materials from different brands and manufacturers.

Swift Glass works with leading glass manufacturers such as Corning, Schott, GE, Auer and many more. Each material has unique physical properties and performance capabilities that are suitable for a variety of applications.

WScreen Shot 2015-04-01 at 5.01.10 PMe supply several types of sight glass that are used across multiple industries. BOROFLOAT® is relied on for lighting and optical applications because of its exceptionally high transparency, mechanical strength, and resistance to high temperatures.

Its functional versatility and outstanding performance characteristics have made BOROFLOAT® the material choice among engineers, designers and developers for various applications.

Silica float glass, used frequently for display glass and windows, is chosen for its ability to be produced in a wide range of colors and opacities. glass polishingSwift Glass also offers Pyrex®, which is annealed for low pressures and tempered for high pressures, and Vycor®, which offers excellent optical properties and is optimal for high-pressure applications.

Swift Glass’s manufacturing capabilities include on-site CNC machining and ultra-high pressure cold cutting for our hard-to-machine materials. We also provide bending, chemical strengthening, thermal tempering, polishing, edge grinding, drilling, ink-jet printing, decorating and silk screening. Our glass drilling service meets ASME, ASTM and military standards. Our tempering services, which can be applied to explosion-proof and high-pressure windows, are tested to GANA tempering standards.

We also offer assistance in material selection, craftsmanship, design and custom solutions, so please feel free to contact a glass expert at Swift Glass if you have any questions.

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