Microblast Machining Services

Swift Glass provides advanced microblasting capabilities to serve the needs of our customers. We have in-house, photolithography-based microblast machining equipment that enables us to delicately alter glass material at the micron level, ensuring we can etch or smooth surfaces on even the smallest glass components.


Our microblasting equipment features precision nozzles that offer highly focused blasting, enabling us to target highly specific areas. Swift Glass offers microblasting as part of our broader suite of precision glass fabrication capabilities.


Generally, blasting processes allow manufacturers to clean, and strip surfaces when finishing parts. Microblasting—also known as micro-abrasive blasting—is a blasting process for delicate glass parts used in complex systems and technologies.

Unlike other blasting technology, microblasting lines up each abrasive molecule in a precise line to create a focused stream. The combination of the fine abrasive with a small nozzle creates an incredibly precise abrasive jet that can accurately target specific surface areas down to the microscopic level. With photolithography-based microblasting equipment, skilled glass manufacturers can achieve fine, incredibly focused abrasive etching of features of varying sizes and types with advanced precision.

Benefits of Microblasting

Numerous industries require highly accurate glass components without debris or other defects. With micro-abrasive blasting, manufacturers can make small glass components as smooth or rough as needed. Some of the benefits offered by microblasting include:

  • High-quality finishes on glass parts
  • Effective cleaning for completed glass components
  • Ideal for surface preparation in advance of bonding or plating processes
  • Can roughen glass surfaces for better adhesion with glue or epoxy
  • Features adjustable blast pressures and variable nozzle types and sizes
  • Reliably removes debris from glass surfaces
  • Precision microscopic details using photolithography-based abrasive etching

Microblasting Applications and Industries

The versatility of the microblasting process makes it ideal for use in a variety of industries, such as:

At Swift Glass, we can offer our microblasting capabilities to support any application that relies on delicate glass parts. We can offer surface cleaning, surface preparation and more for even the smallest glass components.

Microblasting at Swift Glass

The precision capabilities of microblasting offer reliable close-tolerance finishing of your glass components down to the micron level. If your organization uses intricate glass components in your devices and machinery, microblasting is an excellent technology available to serve your finishing needs.

Swift Glass has been an industry leader in high-quality fabricated glass parts for nearly 100 years. We offer extensive manufacturing capabilities for virtually all types of glass and have developed lasting relationships with leading global glass manufacturers. Our capabilities allow us to meet all of your project specifications under one roof. We are ISO 9001:2015-certified and ITAR-registered, and our quality assurance includes first-piece, random sampling, and final check inspections. We can meet quality demands and expectations even in the most complex industries.

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