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Material of the Month: Borosilicate

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In the late 19th century, a German glassmaker by the name of Otto Schott developed what was then a revolutionary new type of glass: It included boric oxide, differentiating the product from the soda-lime-based glass products on the market. This unique material became known as borosilicate glass or, simply, boro glass. Borosilicate can be used […]

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FAQ — Thermal Glass Tempering

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Tempered glass is one of the most popular choices for applications in which traditional, or annealed, glass may pose a safety hazard. For nearly 100 years, Swift Glass has been providing quality custom glass fabrication services for a wide range of industries. To provide insight on the thermal glass tempering process and its various benefits, […]

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Waterjet Cutting Materials For Various Industries

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Used to cut a wide array of materials across a range of industries, waterjet cutting is ideal for applications involving materials that are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by many other common cutting methods. The phrase “waterjet cutting” is commonly used to refer to abrasive waterjet cutting, in which an abrasive such as granite […]


What’s the Right Thickness for your Sight Glass?

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Used in a range of industries and applications, sight glass is used to check the level of liquid in a reservoir or supply line. Critical tools for ensuring operations are running safely and smoothly, these transparent tubes or windows allow users unimpeded observation in order to monitor conditions in piping, vessels, chemical reactors, and other […]

5 Common Glass Edge Types

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Glass materials can receive many different types of glass edge treatments, each of which will uniquely affect the overall functionality and performance of the finished piece. Edging can improve safety, aesthetics, functionality, and cleanliness while improving dimensional tolerance and helping to prevent chipping. Below, we’ll explore five common glass edge types and their unique benefits. […]


Material of the Month: Fused Silica

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Fused silica is a glass form of silicon dioxide, a chemical compound that occurs naturally in quartz and many types of sand. Unlike quartz glass, fused silica is entirely synthetic when produced at an industrial level. Typically manufactured using silicon gas, fused silica is the most technically pure glass available. Fused silica has a non-crystalline […]

Swift Glass to Attend Photonics West 2017 Exhibition

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Swift Glass is excited to announce that we’ll once again be attending the annual SPIE Photonics West Conference and Exhibition, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from January 28 to February 2. Hosted by the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), Photonics West has been the world’s largest multidisciplinary event for biomedical and medical […]

[VIDEO] Watch Safety Glass in Action

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What is safety glass? From car windows to smartphone screen protectors, glass plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Transparent, sterile, paintable, and able to transmit, reflect, and refract light, glass is an ideal material for many applications and industries. However, it is also brittle, breaking into sharp, irregular shards that can cause injuries. […]

Thermal Glass Tempering vs. Chemical Strengthening: What’s the Difference?

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Glass Solutions for Extreme Environments Glass is among the world’s most sophisticated materials. Specialty glass can withstand high pressure, extreme heat, and extraordinary environments. There are two primary methods for strengthening glass: chemical strengthening and thermal tempering. Both of these processes alter the outer surface of the glass, causing it to have a higher compression […]

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Glass vs. Plastic: Which Is Best for Your Next Project?

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When choosing between glass and plastic for an application, many people with cost-conscious applications expect plastics to be the cost-effective choice. But you just may have more options than you think. In the long term, plastic can actually accrue higher costs in maintenance, replacements, and repair work. Both materials offer specialized benefits in a wide […]

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