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Swift Glass to Attend Photonics West Exhibition in San Francisco

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Elmira, N.Y. — Feb. 2, 2016 —Swift Glass, a worldwide leader in custom glass fabrication, will exhibit at the Photonics West Exhibition at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California from February 16-18. Hosted by the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), the glass manufacturing conference has been recognized as the flagship laser and optics […]

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Viscosity, Refractive Index and Other Important Glass Properties Involved in Material Selection

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Glass is among the most versatile of materials. Depending on its composition, treatment, and manufacture, it can be customized for high performance in countless applications. In order to get the right fit for your next glass project, remember to consult properties such as the corrosion resistance, thermal properties, viscosity, dielectric properties and refractive index of […]

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Glass Carrier Wafers

Glass Wafers: How Optics, Computers and Photonics Get the Right Glass

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Computers, optical and other technological manufacturing industries require glass wafers as a carrier substrate for safe fabricating of delicate products like thin silicon wafers. Glass wafers are also essential to the semiconductor, electronics, and biotech industries in a variety of applications. Making Glass Wafers Glass wafers are highly technical products that demand a highly technical production […]

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Check Out Our Chemically-Strengthened Glass at Optifab 2015

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Swift Glass will be joining its glass manufacturing peers at the prestigious SPIE Optifab 2015 exhibition and conference next week in Rochester, New York. The SPIE Optifab exhibition is the largest optical fabrication event in North America and acts as a forum to share and discuss the latest techniques and tools for the optical fabrication […]

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3 Reasons to Use Waterjet Cutting

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A waterjet’s small stream size and controlled pressure makes it the ideal choice for cutting many materials. From shaped mirrors to cell phone panels to very thick materials, waterjet cutting is the go-to method for a variety of industry applications. Here are three reasons why manufacturers choose waterjet cutting for their projects Smoother Cutting A […]

Quartz/Fused Silica

Quartz vs. Fused Silica: What’s the Difference?


If your project demands high performance material, you may have more options than you think. Quartz, Fused Quartz and Fused Silica are all part of an extremely pure family of materials with high working and melting temperatures and superior optical properties as well as low coefficient of expansion. While they’re often used interchangeably, the fundamental […]

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Photonics, Optics and the Tech of the Future

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Swift Glass among the Region’s Optical and Photonics Specialists Vice President Joe Biden recently visited Rochester, the “optics capital of the world,” to announce that our region has been chosen to host a new $600-million Integrated Photonics Center. The creation of a national photonics institute means more than jobs and industrial growth; it’s the beginning […]

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