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Pandemic Prompts Reshoring Trends for North American Manufacturers

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For decades, U.S. manufacturers in nearly every industry have depended largely on offshore suppliers for raw materials, processed goods, and component parts. Even those companies that perform their own product assembly in the United States often rely upon imported components for their products.  The COVID-19 crisis has revealed significant flaws in this strategy, as interrupted […]

sight glass in the oil and gas industry

Sight Glasses for Oil & Gas Industry Applications

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Sight glasses—also referred to as viewing glasses—are window elements that are installed in equipment to facilitate the observation of internal processes while maintaining the safety of the observer and the functional integrity of the system. The visibility offered by these components allows equipment operators to analyze ongoing processes and make better-informed adjustments to improve process […]

What is Optical Glass?

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The optical industry encompasses a wide range of applications that relate to the properties and motion of light. From lenses for eyeglasses and cameras to fiber optics, optical solutions are a constant part of daily life. Optical glass is a fundamental material used in many optical applications, including prisms, lasers, beam splitters, and other optical […]

Glass Surface Quality vs. Surface Irregularity

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During the design and production of optical devices and systems, optical specifications—such as surface quality and surface irregularity—serve two key purposes:  To set the acceptable limits for various performance parameters To determine the amount of resources required for production  While an optical component may appear to be perfect—i.e., without defect—to the human eye, there may […]


5 Key Benefits of Fused Silica & Quartz

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Fused silica and quartz are two commonly employed materials in glass fabrication operations. Both substances offer unique properties that make them suitable for use in fabricated glass components. The following blog post provides an overview of the two, including their composition, key benefits, and typical applications.  Benefits of Fused Silica Glass Fused silica is a […]

What is Tempered Glass?

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Tempered glass—also known as toughened glass—is a strengthened material used when traditional annealed glass isn’t strong enough. Tempered glass is created by heat processing glass, making it up to four times stronger. Uses and Applications of Tempered Glass Tempered glass is immensely versatile and used in a wide variety of products. Tempered glass is used […]

Swift Glass Is Proudly ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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As part of our ongoing commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products and services, the team at Swift Glass is proud to announce that we have been ISO 9001:2015 certified for almost 10 years. Here’s what this means for our customers. What Is ISO 9001:2015? Formed in 1947, the International Organization for Standardization […]

Why Clean Rooms Matter For Your Glass Parts

The Six Most Common Contaminants a Clean Room Removes

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The manufacture of sensitive components, such as electronics, fabricated glass, and pharmaceuticals—necessitates the use of clean rooms. These structures establish an enclosed and controlled environment that minimizes contamination that can negatively affect the quality or integrity of manufactured products and productivity of a facility. For glass fabrication applications, cleanliness of the workspace is particularly critical, […]

How to Select High Performance Glass

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High performance glass is in demand for a variety of applications that require durable and reliable glass products, including windows for industrial and safety applications that must withstand bullets, explosions, and high pressure. In addition to windows, high performance glass is useful for industrial lighting products, military, medical and many other applications. High Performance Glass […]

What is Photonics?

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Various light generation and harnessing processes are often used to cut and finish goods, transfer data, and monitor complex systems. These technologies fall under the umbrella of photonics. Electro-optical devices, optics and fiber-optics, and lasers each play an essential role in creating highly sophisticated products and scanning processes. Almost every industry uses various photonic processes […]

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