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Swift Glass Is Proudly ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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As part of our ongoing commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products and services, the team at Swift Glass is proud to announce that we have been ISO 9001:2015 certified for almost 10 years. Here’s what this means for our customers. What Is ISO 9001:2015? Formed in 1947, the International Organization for Standardization […]

Why Clean Rooms Matter For Your Glass Parts

The Six Most Common Contaminants a Clean Room Removes

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The manufacture of sensitive components, such as electronics, fabricated glass, and pharmaceuticals—necessitates the use of clean rooms. These structures establish an enclosed and controlled environment that minimizes contamination that can negatively affect the quality or integrity of manufactured products and productivity of a facility. For glass fabrication applications, cleanliness of the workspace is particularly critical, […]

How to Select High Performance Glass

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High performance glass is in demand for a variety of applications that require durable and reliable glass products, including windows for industrial and safety applications that must withstand bullets, explosions, and high pressure. In addition to windows, high performance glass is useful for industrial lighting products, military, medical and many other applications. High Performance Glass […]

What is Photonics?

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Various light generation and harnessing processes are often used to cut and finish goods, transfer data, and monitor complex systems. These technologies fall under the umbrella of photonics. Electro-optical devices, optics and fiber-optics, and lasers each play an essential role in creating highly sophisticated products and scanning processes. Almost every industry uses various photonic processes […]

Properties of Glass Materials

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In general, glass is a hard and brittle substance that is usually transparent or translucent. It may be comprised of a fusion of sand, soda, lime, or other materials. The most common glass forming process heats the raw materials until they become molten liquid, then rapidly cools the material to create hardened glass. Swift Glass […]

Excellence in Glass Fabrication and Market Adaptation

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For nearly a century, Swift Glass has focused on high-quality custom glass fabrication. Our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with quality glass products has served as our company’s foundation for almost 100 years and will continue to serve as one of our guiding principles for years to come. Although we continually abide by the […]

3-Part Checklist: What to Look for in a Glass Fabrication Vendor

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With almost 100 years of experience working with manufacturers, the team at Swift Glass knows how important choosing the right glass fabrication vendor is for the success of a project. The vendor you select can be the difference between a successful production run that finishes on time and up to standard and a slow production […]


A Guide to Sight Glass

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The term “sight glass” refers to the transparent glass tube or window component of an industrial or commercial piece of equipment that allows observers to have a clear view of what is occurring within the container. While sight glasses can serve a wide range of functions, they are primarily used for visibility. They allow operators […]

Swift Glass’s ISO Class 7, (Class 10,000,) Clean Room & Ultrasonic Bath

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Clean rooms are controlled environments used to minimize contamination in sensitive applications, such as manufacturing processes and scientific research facilities. These structures are designed to reduce the amount of airborne and surface particulates, as well as to monitor and stabilize environmental parameters—e.g., temperature, humidity, static electricity, and pressure—within the contained space. Clean Room & Ultrasonic […]

Swift Glass Expands Wafer Analysis Capabilities with Multi-Surface Profiler

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Glass wafers have a variety of applications throughout the electronics, computer, and biotechnical manufacturing fields. During production, the ability to make precise measurements ensures that wafers fit the necessary specifications for their intended purpose. A Multi-Surface Profiler (MSP) machine supports high-precision metrology in the production of glass wafers for industrial purposes. With the addition of […]

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