Gorilla® Glass Fabrication

Swift Glass is a proud fabricator of Gorilla® Glass.gorilla-glass-badge2

Swift Glass offers various Gorilla® Glass fabricating capabilities, including cutting and edge grinding to customize this specialty glass material for any project.

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Gorilla® Glass Fabricating Capabilities

From prototyping to finishing and large scale production, our team offers a full range of fabrication services for Gorilla® Glass.

  • waterjet glass cuttingGlass and Waterjet Cutting: Swift Glass boasts over two decades of waterjet cutting expertise, leading the nation in custom glass cutting and fabrication. The versatility and precision of waterjet cutting make it a perfect fit for Gorilla® Glass, with the ability to quickly and seamlessly cut detailed parts of all sizes.
  • Scratch-Free Edge Grinding and Polishing: Our top-of-the-line equipment is capable of beveling, step grinding, flared edges, radiuses, chamfering, smoothing, and more. With top technology as well as manual skill for special projects, it’s easy to go from raw material to completed parts in no time.

Swift Glass also offers Chemical Glass Strengthening for applications that demand extra toughness.

Experience You Can Trust

Our glass experts have decades of experience working with sophisticated materials, and they’re eager to help find a great fit for your next project. To learn more about Gorilla® Glass finishing or to request a quote, contact the Swift Glass team today.


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Swift Glass works with both small custom orders and high-volume runs.

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