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  1. Learn about the Medical Glass that Resists Radiation’s Effects

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    Glass plays an essential role in medical equipment — especially inside X-ray detectors.

    img-industries-medicalThese medical devices require a specialized glass composition to ensure the material withstands extreme heat and energy, as well as repeated applications of radiation technology.

    In addition to high levels of heat and light, the glass in X-ray equipment must also offer the following properties:

    • Endurance to high transition temperatures.
    • Low thermal expansion to maintain dimensions under the stress of construction and operation.
    • Pristine surface quality and flatness for the best quality images and highest accuracy.

    BOROFLOAT® Glass: An Excellent Choice for Medical Applications

    Of the many glass options available for medical devices, BOROFLOAT® glass is one of the best choices. While general glass absorbs radiation and deteriorates, BOROFLOAT® glass is not easily changed by high-energy radiation, and is therefore not as susceptible to darkening, as seen in the photo below.


    BOROFLOAT® glass is also extremely versatile, and can serve as a scintillator substrate, cover slip, protective window for X-ray rooms, and many other related applications.

    Learn More Today

    At Swift Glass, our customers in the medical device industry count on us for fabrication to their specification. We partnered with BOROFLOAT® glass manufacturer SCHOTT to put together an educational white paper, BOROFLOAT® Glass in the Medical Industry: How It Resists Radiation’s Effects.

    This technical guide further explains the unique construction of BOROFLOAT® glass and its sizes, thicknesses, and tolerances in which it is available.

    Download BOROFLOAT White Paper

    Take a look at our guide today, and please contact us directly if you have any questions or would like a quote.

  2. What Makes Borofloat® Glass So Special?

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    Borofloat® glass
    is one of the world’s most influential specialty glass materials, able to meet a huge range of the most technologically challenging applications.borofloat

    Borofloat’s® unique characteristics make it ideal for:

    • Jobs that require extreme temperature and fluctuation in that operating temperature. Because of its low coefficientof thermal expansion, Borofloat® is the best choice for such applications.  Our glass can even operate in conditions where temperature is very different from the center of the glass to the outside edges.
    • Photonics, optics and opto-electronics. Borofloat® glass also has extremely high transparency in the near-infrared and ultraviolet ranges. In addition, our glass does not distort light as it passes through the lens.
    • Equipment in the biomedical and analytical industries. High resistance to acids and alkalis, not to mention organic substances is another great feature of Borofloat® glass.  Without resistance to these substances, damage to a lens could result in faulty readings from the equipment.
    • Inspection panels for high pressure or heavy load applications. A lens made of Borofloat® glass is resistant to scratches and abrasions.  When an application requires heavy loads, or high pressure, this becomes critical.  In addition, the strength of Borofloat® means that you don’t have to worry about damage to a critical component.  This strength allows it to be used as an inspection panel without concerns of breakage during use.

    Applications for Borofloat®

    All of the properties that make Borofloat® glass special allow it to be used in a wide range of applications and markets, including:

    • High- Performance Lamps –Borofloat® has been used in cinema projectors and theater lights, not to mention other powerful types of lighting equipment.
    • Oven Windows – Capable of handling temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius, Borofloat® can be used in ovens without fear that the glass will be damaged by the high heat.
    • Laser Optics – Borofloat® lenses are ideal for applications such as lasers, allowing as much of the light spectrum to pass through it as possible.

    Whatever heavy-duty applications you need glass to work with, Swift Glass can provide you with exactly what you need. To learn more about Borofloat®, watch the video below.

    You can also contact Swift Glass today to see how we can help you with your industrial glass needs.