Flatness Conversion Tool

For certain industries and applications, glass flatness is a crucial consideration. To test for flatness, an optical measurement instrument is used to test for surface deviations such as ripples, bows, and other imperfections. When inspected, bands will appear on the glass and the shape of those bands will determine its flatness. The more evenly spaced, straight, and parallel the bands appear, the flatter the glass is.

To serve as a quick and easy-to-use reference for engineers concerned with the flatness of their glass, we’ve created the Flatness Conversion Tool you see below. Simply select the number of bands and access the corresponding measurements. This Table assumes λ = 632.8 nm.


2D Glass Drawing

Please note that we provide this flatness conversion table with no expressed or implied warranties. While we have made every effort to assure the accuracy, Swift Glass Company will not be held responsible for the results or any subsequent problems that may occur as the result of the use of the information contained herein. Swift Glass Company excels at manufacturing products to customer specifications and does not provide any engineering or design services. If you are unsure of the design requirements for your application consult an engineer.